Friday, May 24, 2013

What the week before the French Open has revealed

So I've never been a big fan of legit contenders playing in those tiny warm-up events the week before Grand Slams. 

Maybe it's a deep-rooted thing from way back in '95, when Andre Agassi played and won nearly every week before the U.S. Open then ran out of steam in the finals. I just think when you have a shot at going for your first or 14th Major, don't play the Aucklands and Strasbourgs of the world.

All of that said, I think this can be one of the most intriguing French Opens in years because of the above train of thought. The very top tier of players on the ATP and WTA tours took the week off from competition. There are three, in particular, to me that really stand out by standing down: David Ferrer, Agnieszka Radwanska and Nicolas Almagro.

Those three have been consistent top-10 threats for years, racking up titles. But they only have one Grand Slam final between them. Granted, they do compete in a pretty tough era, but what if they set their sights higher in regard to scheduling? It looks like that might be the case this year at Roland Garros.

And maybe a Slam breakthrough is in the cards

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mobile blogging? What will they think of next?

Next thing you know, there'll be telephones that let you know the weather and keep up with sports scores around the world!

So as you've noticed, I haven't posted here in a minute. I've still been writing elsewhere, like on Tennis View's website. I plan on being here more, though, with the blogger app. This is my first of many (I hope!) posts using my iPhone. A busy man needs tech for busy times!

Anyway, stay tuned!