Thursday, April 26, 2012

Milos Raonic beat Nicolas Almagro: but how?

Easy. With a serve that big, you can beat anyone. Anywhere.

Of course, there are more nuances to it than that. But with the way the men's game is nowadays, clay could be considered the most wide-open surface out there. Just look at what John Isner has done in Davis Cup on the dirt. Perhaps as recently as five years ago, you'd see a big hitter in the mold of Raonic getting eaten up by someone who's won more than 10 titles on clay like Almagro has, but that's no longer the case.

And I promise this is the last time I type this (until the next time I type it!): American men should view the French Open as an opportunity and do everything they can to get ready for it, which means playing more in Europe. The surface is just as favorable to the big hitters. If the footwork's not tight or the condition acclimation is off, that is what'll leave them high and dry.

I'll hop off my soapbox there and give props to Raonic: very well done.

(Photo: The Associated Press)


alex267 said...

Raonic, is a big, strong, powerful guy. Since the ball tends to sit up on clay more than it penetrates, that gives him plenty of opportunities to pound away with his forehand.

And like you said, his serve is a huge advantage for him. He'll still be able to get a lot of aces, as long as the clay is dry and fast.

Tennis Talk, Anyone? said...

Hi Alex267, thanks for commenting. I can't understand why more big guys don't take to the clay with that thought process in mind, too.