Friday, March 30, 2012

Will scheduling ever work out for Rafael Nadal?

I just don't know...

Rafael Nadal had to withdraw from the Sony Ericsson Open before his match with Andy Murray due to a knee injury. It was his second tournament back after taking off all of February to do some prior injury recuperating.

I know his style of play takes a heavy toll on his body. However, I wonder if it all boils down to scheduling.

For instance, I know he wanted to get some more court time in, but should he have played the doubles in Indian Wells? Did taking the month off leave him in a rushed state of mind to make up court time? Odds are he's going to play a lot of matches over the clay-court season: Will that take a toll on him post-U.S. Open, when he's playing those extra tournaments in Asia that he's been competing in the past couple of seasons?

So many questions, but I think he has to figure out still the best way to keep on the court. And if I may throw in my NTRP 4.0 two cents, he's still not doing enough to shorten points.

I hope it all works out for him at some point.

(Photo: The Associated Press)