Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ferrer, Tsonga and the Five Spot

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga's in the semifinals of Marseille, continuing his run of good form.

David Ferrer is in the semis of the ATP tournament in Buenos Aires, and with the way he's played so far this season, you'd have to like his chances to get to the finals.

Ferrer, at five in the rankings, has a 185-point lead on Tsonga at six. Tsonga has been coming on STRONG for the past few months, and is ready to go even higher than where he is now in the standings. But Ferrer has had a vicelike grip on the five spot and it's hard to imagine him slipping a bit because if there's one thing Ferrer is now it's consistent.

There might be some shuffling among the "Big 4," but the race between five and six is probably more exciting. If Tsonga does break through, which could happen real soon, how long would he be able to hold onto it with Ferrer nipping at his heels?

This could go on all season, and have a big impact on Tour results over the season--especially at the Slams. At the Majors, the fifth-ranked person would more than likely face the fourth-ranked player in the quarters, which is usually the spot where the lower-ranked one can make a breakthrough.

That can be beneficial for Ferrer and/or Tsonga--whoever gets there and stays there.

(Photo: Getty Images)