Friday, January 20, 2012

Will Tomic have his Federer moment?

You know, it always happens: Young guys touted for greatness making a big statement at a Major by knocking off one of their idols.

Australian Bernard Tomic is on the verge of getting an opportunity to do that as he's set to face none other than Roger Federer in the fourth round. I'll be the first to admit, I didn't see Tomic doing as well as he has--"Challenge-gate" aside--here at the Aussie. I actually thought Fernando Verdasco would've gotten him. Or Sam Querrey. Or Alexandr Dolgopolov! But they obviously didn't and here he is, with a chance to do something big.

And if he wanted to feel inspired at such a huge moment, why not try to channel a little bit of what his opponent did back in '01 at Wimbledon to another legend of the game? Everyone had been saying Federer was going to be great, since he was a junior. We all know what happened when Federer played his idol Pete Sampras in the fourth round.

Will this be Tomic's true coming-out party? It's happened with others in the past; perhaps he can add his name to the mix.

(Photo: Getty Images)