Thursday, January 5, 2012

Roger Federer's won 20 matches in a row. But ...

... I don't know...

And that's enough ellipses for right now!

I hope they did a good enough job in conveying some doubt I have about this win streak that the Swiss maestro has going on. Well, not the streak itself, because it's obvious that's happening! Rather, the quality of the players he's beating over that time. I know he took out Rafael Nadal quite easily at the World Tour Finals as part of the streak, but I don't really think Rafa was really up to snuff then.

It seems the top tenner Federer's been playing most of all lately has been Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, and they're set to meet yet again—this time in the semis in Doha. As they've been playing so much against each other lately, Tsonga might be going into this encounter with a little more knowledge on what's needed to break through, but I'm still picking Federer to win this one.

It's obvious that Roger's playing well, and I actually think he'll win a Major this year. But how well is he really doing? If he knocks off, say, at least two of the other "Big 4" in a row at a tournament that might be a more accurate gauge. Until then, I'm just not sure ... (Of course, I had to sneak in another ellipsis!)

(Photo: AP)