Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A pretty intense couple of days for Serena Williams there

What'll be the next story about Serena Williams to come out? She's getting engaged to Common or Drake?

The all-timer has pretty much carried tennis news on her shoulders the past couple of days. There were the comments about not liking tennis that set the Internet on fire. Now there's the injured ankle she suffered in her second-round match in Brisbane--with the Australian Open only a little more than a week away. That's more big stories than a lot of players get in a whole career!

First, I wanted to say something about the not-liking-tennis comment: I thought it was OK; she did follow it up by saying that she needed it--as much as a dichotomy that might seem! She must be OK with it to still be out there plugging away. Heck, I had my moments of not liking it when I played all the time, and I think tennis is the best thing that ever happened to me. And by my last estimation, I'm at least a quadrillion levels behind Serena.

As for the ankle, if there's nothing torn, I think she'll play Australia and get some good rest in next week. I'm assuming if it would've been too bad, she wouldn't have been able to finish the match at all. It seems like she'll be all right for the year's first Major, and should be able to do well there, too.

I really hope the next big news story isn't her withdrawing.

(Photo: AP)

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