Wednesday, August 31, 2011

So, how about that U.S. Open? (and some big news on the way)

Hey everyone: I'm on the grounds at the National Tennis Center doing some work for Tennis View Magazine. I'm Tweeting for them and doing interviews. You can catch my "live from the U.S. Open" Tweets at @tennisviewmag.

Also, I managed to write up a VANtage Point for blog Down the Line!, which you can find at this link.

And be sure to come back tomorrow: I'm going to have some HUGE news for you, which I'll need you to pass along to all your friends!

UPDATE: No big news as of yet, but I'm still hoping to have some to share with you!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

No need to worry about Serena Williams' seeding at the U.S. Open

Can you believe that Serena Williams is seeded 28th for the U.S. Open? That's outrageous!

I'm just kidding folks; it's not outrageous at all. It's funny to see, though, that there are some complaints about it, arguing that if other Slams seed players based on past performances then the USTA should follow suit.

The USTA tried that back in the late '90s and it was a very unpopular move: The top Spanish male players at one point thought about boycotting because of it.

The USTA did the right thing here by not bumping Serena up, or even granting a seed to big sis Venus. Unless that's the procedure from now on, then you shouldn't just make the adjustment for one year. The fact that Serena even got herself to a seeded position is one of the most remarkable feats in the women's game this year.

And at this point, does anyone out there really think Serena needs any help from anyone in regard to having an easy draw?

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cincy's (almost) Elite 8

Aww man, David Ferrer: Why couldn't you come through?

Not that I have anything against Gilles Simon; it just would've been cool to see the top eight seeds all make it through to the quarters at the ATP Masters 1000 stop in Cincinnati. Simon's a worthy addition to the quarterfinal lineup, so I won't be too mad!

But thinking about the (almost) Elite 8 there, I'm going to make a quick call on who I think will be in the Final Four:

Novak Djokovic over Gael Monfils, Rafael Nadal beats Mardy Fish, Roger Federer tops Tomas Berdych and Andy Murray overtakes Simon.

And would you look at that? A fabulous Final 4!

UPDATE: Obviously, I was a little off! Congrats to Fish and Berdych on big wins, and an extra congrats to the champs, Murray and Maria Sharapova on the women's side!

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Wondering about the Wayne Odesnik situation

An interesting result occurred this past weekend a little off the beaten path in Binghamton, NY. There at the annual challenger event leading up to the U.S. Open, American Wayne Odesnik reached the finals before falling to Paul Capdeville of Chile in straight sets.

Now, we all know Odesnik and the controversy surrounding him (and in case you don't, here are my thoughts on his drug case last year). After serving a suspension, he's essentially had to rebuild his career from the ground up. The crazy thing is he's doing a great job of that. He's gone from being unranked at the beginning of the year to the top 150 as of today: Essentially, that means he's playing some mighty fine tennis.

However, there is that enormous cloud hanging over him, which hasn't exactly endeared him to his peers. (It's been well-documented that players are going out there with an extra bit of motivation against him.) If he is guilty of cheating, then he deserves all the animosity directed toward him.

But let's say he maintains this level of play over the next year and ends up in the quarterfinals of the French Open, for example: Will U.S. fans embrace him? Will he greeted with open arms by the USTA as a hope for American tennis? Or will the drug thing hang over him even then?

I guess it's a situation all the parties involved with will have to deal with at a later time. Going by the way that Odesnik is playing, though, it might be something that comes up a lot sooner than people might think.

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Does Roger Federer need to win the Rogers Cup?

Waaay back when, I wrote something for GOTOTENNIS, one of THE top tennis blogs out there, on whether or not Roger Federer needed to win the 2011 Indian Wells event as part of the Serves & Returns feature (I haven't forgotten about S&R, Team Freaky: I'll be back soon!). I brought up at the time with the way the guys around him in the rankings had been playing that he'd be hard-pressed to pick up a title for a while.

Looking at what's happened the past couple of days at the first Masters tournament of the summer hard-court swing, I couldn't help but think of that again. With Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray out of the way, does this become his best chance to win a title for the next few months?

I realize that, of course, he is Roger Federer and you can never, ever, ever count him out at any event. But if Novak Djokovic stays playing the way that he is, and Rafa and Murray get in a nice groove, title winning becomes a tough task going forward. It's crazy to think that Fed's only captured one tournament so far this year. If he wants to put an end to that and get back on the board, the Rogers Cup might be the best place to do it with two major hurdles falling already.

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