Friday, December 30, 2011

A quick game of 'what-if?', starring tennis racquets

I caught something tweeted this morning by Erik of Adjusting the Net on how Federer came out to play with a new racquet against Novak Djokovic in their match in Abu Dhabi. I asked Erik if that could've contributed to the lopsided score, and he scoped Wilson's site and found the switch was merely cosmetic.

But what if Federer would've gone out there with a different frame? Is that something he should've done? Or is it way too late at this point to start tweaking his weapon of choice?

I actually thought it would've been a good move for him to make a couple of years ago; maybe move up to a 95. He says he's tried out other frames, but they just haven't suited him. In the midst of all that winning, too, why make the change?

Maybe the result would've been more Slams, as if 16 weren't enough. He could have taken his lumps for a year, then by the time he'd gotten adjusted, he'd still be looking at a couple of extra years ahead of him to make up for any lost time.

I've wondered in the past why players would bother to fool around with their money-makers; I guess making more money is the reason! I didn't think Djokovic's switch would work out, but obviously it has. And even way before him, I didn't understand at the time why Andre Agassi went from Donnay to Head, but it all ended up OK for him, too!

Federer makes me think of Pete Sampras and when he was doing battle with the original Wilson Pro Staff. What happens if he switches to the model Stefan Edberg was using toward the end? Would he have won 20 Majors?

I guess that's why they call it "what if"!

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Erik said...

I'm surprised Fed even agreed to have them change the paint on his racquet. Debate has raged for sometime on if Fed should have switched to a larger racquet but I don't see it happening. What if indeed.