Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Previewing the World Tour Finals, two players at a time

The groups have been set for the World Tour Finals kicking off Sunday, and they're both quite a doozy for any player involved. Getting through will be no picnic for anyone.

Group A:
Novak Djokovic
Andy Murray
David Ferrer
Tomas Berdych

Group B:
Rafael Nadal
Roger Federer
Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
Mardy Fish

As I said, a doozy!

What I'm going to do in anticipation of the big event is give a daily preview starting later on today. I'm going to handle two players at a time, counting down from eight to one. I'll be doing the same for the doubles team at TTA's sister blog, The Doubles Alley. I'm going with two just to make sure I have them all in by Sunday, but if I slip, I'll just triple or quadruple up!

Stay tuned.

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