Monday, September 12, 2011

Congratulations Sam Stosur!

I've been out covering the U.S. Open for Tennis View magazine, and this has been my first time experiencing that much of live tennis. One thing that has really stood out is that I found myself catching a few players quite regularly as they went through the tournament.

Somebody who I did get to see quite a few times was Samantha Stosur. From early on, I couldn't help but notice how physically impressive she seemed in person. That got me developing a deep appreciation for the work she puts into being the best that she can be. One evening when I came home, I was talking about her with my wife and showed her pictures of how fit Stosur is. Also, I mentioned to her that it was kind of shocking that as great of shape as she was in, she could still get blown off the court by Maria Sharapova or Serena Williams. I wondered what could Sam do to ever break through when it looked like she was at the peak of her abilities and fitness?

What she could do was fight, and fight some more. And she could also keep calm and focused in the biggest match of her life. That's what she did throughout the U.S. Open, and there you have it: Sam Stosur, Grand Slam champion.

If she wasn't on your radar, she needs to be there. It's a great sight to see someone work that hard and have it all pay off at the end.


Anonymous said...

What a classy lady!!!!

Umer said...

Great player.

Erik said...

Stosur has come a long way since last year especially in the brain department. But what a great two weeks for her. She is truly an example of what you see, is what you get. Well done, Sam.