Thursday, July 14, 2011

Finally ready to get off the last-weekend rollercoaster

OK, I've given myself a few days, now I'm back in a regular frame of mind.

Last weekend was pretty draining for a few different reasons:

* First, it was my 20th high school reunion (yep, I'm gettin' on up there!). Only thing is, I couldn't go because I've been working in this new job. I'm thankful for the work, of course, but I'd been looking forward to attending that for years and was bummed about missing it. Oh well, I guess there's always the 30th!

* Actually, though, with the way the schedule fell, I should've bailed on it anyway for one major reason: Andre Agassi went into the Hall of Fame and I made a vow years ago that when he did, I'd be there. (Don't worry, I wasn't going to bore you with my high-school-reunion yearnings for long!) He is, after all, my favorite athlete ever. At least I got to see the induction on TV!

* Then there was Davis Cup: Oh man, talk about a bummer. Congrats to the teams that made it through to the semis, but wow, that U.S. performance really bummed me out. David Ferrer, who I really like, is a class or two above Andy Roddick and Mardy Fish right now. Add to the mix a solid Davis Cup performer like Feliciano Lopez, who is at his best on fast surfaces, and it's a tough matchup for anyone. Still, I thought the U.S. had a shot. A friend of mine asked me if the tie should've been played on grass. With F-Lo making quarterfinal runs at Wimbledon on the regular and Ferrer being solid on everything, I don't think it would've helped.

Oh well, that's life—and tennis!

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Cindy Stephenson said...

Notwithstanding the singles matches, it was nice to watch the Bryan Brothers. They are an amazing duo.

Nice blog by the way. I've just subscribed.

van said...

Thanks Cindy!