Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Happy 500th TTA?! And introducing The Doubles Alley!

So, now that that little thing called the French Open is out of the way...

Just kidding, it was quite the big thing, with history being made as Rafael Nadal took home his sixth title, equaling Bjorn Borg, and Li Na winning China's first Slam singles title on the women's side. And how about that Roger Federer?

Anyway, this is a big occasion here at Tennis Talk, Anyone?: This is the 500th post! (Yay! Yippee! Woohoo!) I started this blog four years ago (I know, that's a long time to write 500 posts) right around the grass-court season of 2007. As a matter of fact Amelie Mauresmo was playing Justine Henin in the finals of the Eastbourne tournament, as noted in my first post.

Whatever happened to those two? Man, it's been a long time! : )

My second post was about a doubles team, Eric Butorac and Jamie Murray, aka "Booty and Stretch," who I thought really brought some excitement to the doubles game.

And speaking of segues...

I also want to get into the big news I mentioned in my previous post: I'm adding a new blog to the Van-blogging-about-tennis stable, The Doubles Alley!

I'm actually going to be writing two blogs now: Good old TTA? (It's my baby: I could never stop writing this one!) and The Doubles Alley, which will focus on doubles—pro, amateur and otherwise. (I don't know what "otherwise" actually means...)

Anyway, it has its own URL and everything ( or click on the link above, so catch me here, there and everywhere!

And mainly, thank you so, so, so much for reading this blog!


Sunny nine said...

Congrats on your 500th entry on your blog! Enjoy reading it and when I get a chance, writing on it.


RiCH said...

Congrats! 500 posts is def something to celebrate. And now another blog? INSANITY. Good luck, Van!

Tony said...

Awesome effort - hope I maintain that commitment (up to nearly 40 now!). Interested in reading your blog. Cheers!

PokeyLokey said...