Tuesday, April 26, 2011

So, about that Donald Young hullabaloo ...

That is how you spell "hullabaloo," right?

Anyway, what a mess that all is. I'm not going to get too much into it. But I do want to mention this: You know what would be great, awesome, what have you? If he really went about doing things without the USTA's assistance. And you know what else could even be greater? If he went about doing things without his parents on-board, too.

Just imagine, Young navigating his way through life on the Tour, just him and a coach with no USTA/agency/parental ties, building his game up to that top-40, -30 or even -20 status like some predicted for him. I don't want to play psychologist here, but I think that's what needs to happen for him to be a well-adjusted individual, which is more important than tennis at this point.

He can't afford to really take time off to evaluate things because he's already far behind tennis-wise as it is. But there is room to make adjustments while he's playing. I really hope he does so.

(Photo: AP)


A_Gallivant said...

I completely agree. I think he should navigate this terrain on his own.

Kim at TennisFixation said...

You're right - he needs to get out their on his own - he doesn't need to move from under the parents' wings to under the USTA's wing. I hope all of that potential does not go to waste.

Erik G. said...

Hey Van,

Thanks for the great post. I certainly do hope Donald can learn something positive out of this whole thing. He still has the potential to reach the top 50 maybe even top 20, but he's going to have make fundamental changes with how he handles his career. Time will tell.