Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Novak Djokovic and the big test

With the clay-court season getting under way, Novak Djokovic—he of the unbeaten in '11 streak—is about to things will get a wee bit harder, but that might not be a problem considering how great the hard courts went for him.

If that sentence makes sense!

Seriously, his run has been very impressive, and of course, it's not just your run-of-the-mill guys he's beating, seeing as how he's taken out Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer multiple times this year. All of these wins have been on his best surface, but now the season slows down leading up to the French Open. Djokovic could continue his run for a while, considering his solid results on the dirt.

However, there is probably one roadblock in front of him—and it's a huge one, to say the least.

Nadal's going to be waiting for him in a lot of finals over the stretch. And Djokovic needs to win at least one of them if he wants to put at least the tiniest dent in Nadal's confidence heading into the French. Regardless, it should be an entertaining few weeks ahead: It's always fun to see history being made!

(Photo: Getty Images)


Tony said...

I agree - Novak has been outstanding. As an Australian it's been my pleasure to see hi 2 Grand Slam titles first hand. He's pulled out of Monte Carlo - hope it's just precautionary btw like your blog - Tony http://tonystennistravels.blogspot.com/

van said...

Thanks Tony!