Sunday, January 2, 2011

TTA? Looks Back #8: (Almost) like old times for Henin and Clijsters

See? The countdown's back already!

What is this? 2005 or something?

Well, not quite, but it was kind of close to looking like that on the WTA Tour as Kim Clijsters' continued her great run from the second half of 2009 and Justine Henin started hers.

I don't think you can say enough about what Clijsters has accomplished in less than two years back: Two U.S. Open titles, a year-end championship won, a solid presence in the top 5 and probably favorite status heading into this year's Australian Open.

It looked like Henin was going to end up right where she left off, too, blasting out the gate in '10 with a runner-up finish at the Australian, her first Slam after her brief retirement. However, an elbow injury slowed her down; still, she finished the year in the top 20. That's pretty impressive, considering she missed most of the season.

If you've been around these parts the past couple of years, then you know I had a problem at first with the comebacks from "retirement" by players. But I've had a definite change of heart because it's been great to see them return with a deeper appreciation for the game than they might've had before their stoppage.

(Photo: Getty Images)