Monday, January 3, 2011

TTA? Looks Back #5: Viva, Francesca Schiavone!

Here it is: The start of the top 5!

A favorite thing of mine that I like to do here at TTA? is make predictions on how I think the Grand Slams will go from the Round of 16 on. I consult my huge super-computer, which takes up a whole room, feed in the data on every player in the field, extrapolate the data then wait for the answers to scroll out in binary format, which I then decode.

That's how I came up with Justine Henin as the 2010 French Open champ--which obviously didn't pan out. But my handy-dandy VCS2000 (that's my super-computer model) didn't let me down when it predicted Francesca Schiavone would make the finals. And I'm glad to be proven wrong by her winning!

I've always been a fan of her game as it's one of the most versatile on the WTA Tour. She can drive, loop or slice you to submission--particularly on a clay court. And while that hasn't brought her a ton of titles in the past, it brought her the biggest one of all when it counted most.

Who knows if she'll win another Major again? Hopefully, it's not all said and done for her when it comes to that. There have been few tennis moments as enjoyable to watch as when she got close to her crowning achievement.

(Photo: Getty Images)