Monday, January 3, 2011

TTA? Looks Back #2: Rafael Nadal: What can you say?

A number-two for the ages right here.

Rafael Nadal: done? Not. Likely.

Remember when Rafa hadn't won a title for months on end, going from 2009 to the start of the '10 clay-court season? It's hard to believe that even transpired after the year he ended up having.

Three Majors won--in a row. Three ATP 1000 titles won. The career Slam completed. The year-end number-one ranking. Truly a year for the ages.

Here's a link to some thoughts I had after his U.S. Open win, and I think the title says it all:

Rafael Nadal and the greatest men's Slam year EVER

Months later, and I still feel that way. Right on, Rafa!

(Photo: Getty Images)