Monday, January 3, 2011

TTA? Looks Back #1: Isner, Mahut and the Match

Alright, 2010, it's goodbye to you with the final look-back. Thanks, readers, for being reflective with me!

Even though the classic, epic, what-have-you match between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut was legendary, I'm actually not gonna devote a ton of time to looking back at it—which is probably the antithesis of what you'd think when you see those two guys' name together!

I don't think this was actually a bigger accomplishment than what Rafa pulled off by any means. But sadly, as far as the non-tennis-watching public goes, it was. It was great to see pro tennis get the attention it deserves—sadly, it took something of unreal proportions to make that happen.

Pro tennis players should always be throwing out first pitches at ball games or reading Top 10 lists on late-night shows as far as I'm concerned, but it hardly ever happens. If it takes a three-day match to help make that happen, then I can live with it.

(Photo: Getty Images)