Friday, January 28, 2011

Can Li Na get it done?

So the end is near for the women's side of the Australian Open, and as yours truly saw it, Kim Clijsters has made it to the finals. (Great pick, Van; way to show your pro tennis acumen, he said sarcastically...)

What I definitely didn't see was Li Na making it through on the other side of the draw. I wasn't much of a Caroline Wozniacki believer here going into the tournament, actually thinking she would've fallen earlier. She made it fairly deep, just to get taken out by Li in a tough one.

Li's been making moves for the past couple of years now, and this year has started off as perfectly as one could imagine. She won the warmup in Sydney, taking out Clijsters there, but as she's said, that won't mean anything going into the finals in Australia. I think she definitely has a great chance to pull off an upset, provided her nerves don't overcome her. Clijsters has the edge in experience, but I believe she has a little bit of pressure on her, too, thinking of the opportunity to grab a Slam outside New York.

Anyway, I'm still going to go with Clijsters, but I wouldn't be mad at an equally deserving Li pulling off an upset.

(Photo: Getty Images)