Thursday, December 30, 2010

TTA? Looks Back #10: Wayne Odesnik ... wow

You probably didn't think it would happen, but here we are: kicking off the top 10!

Earlier in the spring, one of the coolest things happened to me in my life regarding tennis: I posted something I wrote about Wayne Odesnik on tennis social networking site Tennisopolis, and none other than Brad Gilbert gave it a shout-out on his Twitter page! (I'm still blown away by that!)

That Odesnik story was something else, and now it looks like he's about to come back. I haven't formulated a complete opinion on that yet, but what I'm going to do is post a link to the BG-approved entry:

This Is My Brain on Drugs

Enjoy, and remember, just say no!

(Photo: AFP)


A_Gallivant said...

Hmm, I gotta say I'm not all about the pile on, I don't need Sammy to tell me about Odesnik and I certainly don't need others talking about the poor reception Odesnik will have when he returns. If there is a problem with your system, critique the system, not the player. Odesnik had a right to play, just as he will when he returns. I certainly didn't see all this outrage about Gasquet and he actually tested positive for drugs, to my mind, Odesnik still hasn't right?

In my mind that's the real outrage, but I suppose other players won't comment on that or their "clean" tests won't be worth a hell of a lot.