Sunday, November 21, 2010

No drama with Murray-Soderling? Look again!

Well, here we are: World Tour Finals time! This is the finish line for everyone on the season except Novak Djokovic, who still has Davis Cup duty to attend to.

While the first day of action was pretty straightforward, there was an interesting result: that being Andy Murray defeating Paris Masters champ Robin Soderling pretty easily. It's funny to think that an opening match could have a big impact on the rest of the tournament, but I feel that was the case with this one. No offense to David Ferrer, but the other players in Group B must feel that he's a gimme. Then you have Roger Federer in there, who's absolutely the opposite of that. So you're left with the winner of the Murray-Soderling match having a good shot at the semis, and Murray came through it.

Now, I'm not saying anyone should actually pack their bags because that's just not what you do, but Soderling has an extremely tough task ahead of him. Should make for interesting viewing in the days ahead when it comes to him.

(And props to Murray for rockin' the Lendl gear!)

(Photo: Getty Images)


Erik said...

Have to agree it will be hard for Sod to get through the semis now but with the round robin format, anything is possible. Remember Murray thought he was in the semis last year but the whole points system gave it to Del Potro.

van said...

Hey Erik, that's true. And who knows? Ferrer can come out and screw things up for everybody!

TennisArticles said...

nice to federer back on top. A good bet for the aussie open?

van said...

Hey TennisArticles, I kind of think so: I don't think he's restored that level of fear the top guys had against him, but this run through the field should have him liking his chances.