Monday, November 15, 2010

How far can Robin Soderling go after Paris?

A day without ATP main-level tennis: Wow!

But yesterday wasn't a bad way to send off the regular season, as I'm sure Robin Soderling will attest to. He knocked off Gael Monfils in the finals in straights. I don't know if that epic with Roger Federer had any impact on La Monf's game, but you can't take anything away from Soderling's win. And to think, he's now in the top four, something I didn't really think would happen any time soon.

It's hard to say if he's had a better year than Andy Murray, who he leapfrogged over with just 20 points to spare in the rankings. They both made Slam finals, won a couple of titles and were generally threats throughout the season. You can also say the same about number-three player Novak Djokovic. Soderling's gaining on that spot, though, as well. And as he's one of the most dangerous players on tour indoors, who's to say where he'll be ranked after the World Tour Finals?

I guess we'll all see in a couple of weeks!

(Photo: AP)