Saturday, October 30, 2010

Best of luck, Elena!

As the whole tennis world knows, Elena Dementieva retired yesterday. I know I was definitely shocked because I thought for sure she wasn't going to stop until she got that elusive Slam title. She didn't, which is a shame, but her career and impact on the game should definitely be noted. I was always impressed by her, mainly by how she was able to perform at a high level for so many years. The fact that she was able to overcome some shortcomings in her game (that serve, whew!) and make it to the top three shows just how amazing an athlete she was.

Anyway, best wishes to Elena Dementieva! The game will definitely miss her.

(Photo: Getty Images)


Anonymous said...

and I'm always impressed by your game!

Marvin said...

What a pity. I'm still at shock when i heard that she's retired from tennis. I'm sure that she would have a Grand Slam if she would stay a bit longer. Pity but she's still a great player even without a Grnad Slam title. We will miss you Elena.