Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rainy days and Mondays ...

Who needs a roof when you always have Mondays to make up Grand Slam finals?

I guess that's the USTA's train of thought as a roof at the National Tennis Center isn't being discussed that much, despite yet another Monday men's final. Personally, I'm OK with it, this year at least: The weather was pretty good for the most part and at least tennis in the public eye a wee bit longer, which I'm always pulling for.

But enough of talk about roofs and eyes and weather: How about this men's final we're about to have? And how about how it even came to be?

The way Rafael Nadal was playing, it was pretty much a given he was going to get there. But Novak Djokovic coming through in five against Roger Federer? I didn't see that, obviously, if you read my U.S. Open predictions! I'm not going to sound the death knell on Fed after that loss, and what has turned out to be a kind-of mediocre season by his standards. I think he's still got at least two or three Slams left in him, but I was a little concerned when he said he's not going to watch the final and he's been out playing for weeks and weeks. It was the same post-Wimbledon, too. Look at his schedule: Folks, he doesn't play that much. And you know what? He needs to watch the final. It's like in other sports when the opposite team clinches the title on your home court: You can rush into the locker room and try to put the whole thing behind you, or you can sit there and watch those guys celebrate, then use that as motivation to make sure that never happens again. Federer could stand to do that and be a little pissed off to ensure getting those extra Slams. The Djokos and Rafas of the world are just going to keep coming and coming.

Speaking of those guys, I'm just hoping for a good final tomorrow, which I think they're obviously capable of putting on. It should go four or five sets with them both pulling off shots and gets you only see in video games. If I had a tip to give Djokovic, calling upon all of my NTRP 4.0 wisdom, I'd tell him to hit hard and flat down the middle. If he does that and wins, then I'll be the first one to call me a genius!

(Photo: AFP)

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