Thursday, September 30, 2010

How will Fernando Verdasco look back on 2010?

Fernando Verdasco got bounced in Thailand by Benjamin Becker in straights. Becker's tough, but Verdasco should be able to handle him. Aside from that quarterfinal run at the U.S. Open, the second half of the year really hasn't been that great for the Spaniard.

I thought he would've been able to build on that breakthrough '09 and it looked like early on this season that was going to be the case with titles indoors and on clay. But the guy played a ton, I mean 2000 pounds, worth of tournaments this year, and even though he's strong as a bull, it's just been too much. Like, why play the week before the French Open when you've made deep runs on the dirt that whole stretch?

The dude works hard off the court to be able to maintain that physical style of play, but some pacing has to be done. I think a lighter schedule next year can help continue that upward path of a year ago.

(Photo: AP)


Tyler Smith said...

I completely agree. He overworked himself this year. Do you think he'll make the year-end championships? I say no.

van said...

Hey Tyler, I don't think he's going to make it either at this rate.

Scripped said...

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