Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Roger Federer? He's STILL going to be OK

So, about that prediction of mine for Roger Federer as Wimbledon champ ...

Unexpectedly, or maybe not, the way he struggled from the onset of the tournament, Federer lost to Tomas Berdych today in the quarterfinals. We all know the details: the end of his finals streak there, two quarterfinal losses back-to-back in Majors, blah, blah, blah.

Despite all that, I'm far from ready to throw in the towel on him. And here's why, in two words and a number (I don't think I said this before, but if I did, please excuse me):

2010 Australian Open.

Yep, that little phrase makes me optimistic about Federer's results for at least the next couple of years. Based on his insane results in Majors, the Aussie is the second toughest among the four for Federer to win. To do that after coming off some tough losses at the end of last year, and taking out some players that were starting to find some chinks in his armor--such as Nikolay Davydenko and Andy Murray--shows that his will to win is extraordinary and that he still has plenty left. Your game doesn't disappear in the span of six months.

Look at how he came out, though, at this tournament: Struggling against players with no grass-court pedigree makes it look like something was wrong with him physically to me. Not to take away from Berdych's win by any means, because he definitely came up with the goods, but I would think Fed would have enough grass-court savvy to handle anyone--even one of the game's biggest hitters.

And just to be clear, if this is your first time coming to this site, I'm not a "Fed-Head," I'm just calling them as I see them. And despite the recent run of bad form, what I saw from Federer at this year's Aussie indicates he'll still be OK for a couple of years yet to come.

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Tyler said...

I sure hope your right. I'd love to see Federer continue to play well.

I also remain optimistic. He's been in slumps. Even Fed's worst days are better than most players best ones.

hcfoo said...

Hey Van, so what's your prediction now that Roger is out? Just like you, I think his slump is just temporary. he'll come back strong perhaps at later part of this year in time for the US Open. Unless retirement is on his mind...

TopSpin said...

Hi Van..

Completely agree.

I'm not a Fed head either but think he'll go on to win more Majors even if he isn't winning three a year anymore - which lets be honest was a little obscene anyway!

van said...

Hey everyone: Yeah, one or two Slams a year for the next couple of years wouldn't be a bad thing!

And HC Foo, I'm picking Rafa! : )