Saturday, May 15, 2010

Number twos with a couple of bullets

Rafael Nadal and Venus Williams have both made the finals in this week's big event in Madrid (not against each other, silly!) It's been a big week for both of them because they each reclaimed a familiar spot in the rankings during this tournament: getting back to the number-two spot behind Roger Federer and Serena Williams, respectively.

You have to wonder, can they both reclaim that top spot? Based on form alone this year, I would definitely say so. You can almost consider them de facto number ones, in my opinion.

Sure, neither one of them won the Australian this year, but look what they've done compared with Federer and Serena, whose only titles of 2010 came at the Aussie: Despite concern about his health and going without a title for a year, Rafa's won two ATP 1000 singles titles, won the doubles at another and firmly without a doubt established himself as the overwhelming favorite to win the French.

Venus defended her titles in Dubai and Acapulco. And sure, those aren't the biggest crowns on the block, but to win a hard-court title one week then pick up some hardware on the dirt the very next week is an impressive accomplishment. She then went on to make the finals at one of the biggest stops on either tour in Miami.

Granted, things have been tough for Federer and Serena after their Slam wins. But Rafa's scheduling and pacing has been impeccable, and Venus is taking it back to 2001 with her play. If they end up on top, I wouldn't be surprised.

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Taf said...

I'm really impressed with Venus this year too Van. Also, Rafa ranked at #3 took me by surprise this week and I'm glad his #2 is back. I'm not sure when he lost the #2 and I usually pay attention, but he's proven to deal with 'whatever' on clay. Although his start today against Almagro was bizarre, 4 errors in opening service game. Still, he'd doing well and living up to my expectations this year on the clay. The French should be fun. ;)

Karen said...

I must be the only Fed fan who wants to see him at No.2 as his chances to defend Roland Garros would increase. Happy to see my Venus in the final of yet another Premier event and on clay of all places. Clearly these old fogies are not going anywhere

JoshT said...

Agree with Taf - the French is going to be very interesting. Neither Rafa nor Roger are playing their very best tennis which leaves the other clay specialists with a major opportunity to see their name etched onto a grand slam trophy.

van said...

I think it should be a good French, too. I wonder how far David Ferrer will go?

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