Friday, April 2, 2010

Another classic

Man, how about that Tomas Berdych-Fernando Verdasco match?

Naw, just kidding. It was alright, but it was no Justine Henin-Kim Clijsters. These two are really going down to the wire in their matches, huh? The last time they played, in the finals in Brisbane this year, the match was again decided by a third-set tiebreaker.

I'm a little bit shocked by the end results of both of those matches. I've never felt much separated those two physically, but I always did think Henin was the one that was more mentally tough. Maybe Kim does have the edge when it comes to hard courts, but I really don't know; it's a tough call. But check this out at On the Baseline, written by yours truly, and weigh in. (How was that for a plug/segue?)

Aside from those two, though, Venus Williams has really steamrolled her way into the finals: She's playing like it's 2001 or something! I picked her to win and I'm sticking with it. Regardless, it should be a good final.

But speaking of picks, my tournament predictions really didn't work out too well on the men's side. My men's champ, Andy Murray, got waylaid and Roger Federer lost for the second tournament in a row in a third-set 'breaker. Oh well, at least Rafael Nadal and Andy Roddick are still around!

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Erik said...

I did not see the match in full but watched the highlights, but from the commentary I read, the match was just like the Brisbane i.e. high drama but lots of errors. The fact that Kim figured out a way to win both despite holding massive leads in both, and then losing them, shows she still has a mental block or something versus Henin. I still like her in the final against Venus unless the American plays lights out.

Karen said...

I watched the match from beginning to end. It was a crappy match similar to the one they played in Brisbane. I do not understand how a match which features a combined total of over 100 UFE and less than 50 winners constitutes a good match. There were numerous breaks of serve and it was not because either player kept getting broken by the other playing lights out tennis. Neither one just could not hold serve, they could not serve for the match, serve for the set. It was pathetic. Say what you will about the Williams Sisters,at least they know how to close.

van said...

Hey Erik and Karen, thanks for commenting! I saw the match, too, and you're both right: It wasn't exactly a thing of beauty.

But I think the scoreline, along with the ebbs and flows of the match, indicates there was a certain level of drama involved. I think players at their level know how to take advantage of when the other is having a bad day. And I think it's shocking for the more mentally tough Henin to come out on the losing side both times.

Maybe I should've used this headline:

Another "so-so" classic : )