Thursday, January 28, 2010

A new way of seeing things

What is this, year before last or something? We have our dream women's final set in less than a hour's time: Serena Williams vs. Justine Henin. These two are, in my opinion, the two best players of the past seven or eight years, so it should be a good one.

I just thought of something, though, and it may not be a new argument, but I believe it's a new way of thinking for me. So you have Henin, who took a little more than a year off and appears now to be fresher than ever. And then you have Williams, who gets called out by many (and probably up until this posting, me too) for all of her outside activities taking her away from the game, but still wins the big ones.

Which has been the better way of going about things? The sabbatical or the outside interests? I guess you can't argue with either player's results! But I want to acknowledge that I was wrong about Serena because the fact that she's still winning Slams more than a decade after her first one deserves major props, even as her red-carpet appearances seemed to take away from her game and what she could've achieved in many fans' eyes. And while I can't say I'm a big fan of the player "retirement comeback" I have to give Henin kudos as well for achieving something so big, only two tournaments into her return.

So now that I've made my apologies, it's closer to finals time, and as I said earlier, it should be a good one!

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Shelia said...

Hi Van! Great final, I'm glad that I stayed up for it and lasted through it; it was more than worth it.

Now, I just have to put my two cents in on these 'faux' retirements. I'm darn near at the point where I wish there was some kind of rule to govern this stupidity. I am truly sick of it across the board.

You virtually know when these people leave that they'll be back, there's never any shock value in the return. For the attention the retirement and the person gets for awhile, only to renege when the hoopla dies down and come back, I say enough already!

Taf said...

Hey Van,
RE: Serena winning the big ones. I think it was mary Joe that said it during the match. When Serena cares, Serena wins. And she cares about the grand slams... she looked horrible in final against Elena 2 weeks ago and I really thought she'd be injured but no, she not only wins doubles final but the singles too. Wow, the way she played against Stosur, I could only say "holy crap" over and over and swore she'd be able to beat Fed in 3 sets had she'd played him. All I can say is wow to her performance; what a champion!

van said...

• Hey Shelia! I hear what you're saying: they should just say they need to step away for a little while. That way, there wouldn't be all this false hype of "coming back from a retirement." The boxers need to do that, too!

• Hey Taf! I guess that's why the players play the game: to try and go for the biggest titles, particularly when you're in a position to do so. To win singles and doubles at a Major when you're stepping on the court looking like a mummy is quite a feat! said...

Is the mummy look though necessary or is it a well planned scheme? Only her and her team knows but i find it a little over the top being able to win a grand slam with ten injuries. Also injuries that do not reflect at all when she plays. Seems totally exaggerated.

Karen said...

GTF, for the record: Serena pulled a hamstring during her match with Rezai and aggravated it during her match with Dementieva in Sydney. In addition to that she tweaked her knee chasing down a drop shot in the Rezai match. Her ankles are always taped as well as her wrists. She played 14 days straight, singles and doubles and the last time I looked she was limping around on the court during a lot of the rallies. Thank goodness for bathroom breaks and her serve. Remember that at one point in the match Serena had only won 1 point. 1 single point. Another thing, no one questions Nadal's various injuries but everyone questions Serena's. Sometimes matches are not about the physical, but the mental as well and there is no mentally tougher player in the game in either Tour, men or women than Serena Williams. She just refuses to lose, especially at the majors.