Monday, December 7, 2009

Something you probably thought you'd never read at TTA?

The Davis Cup final this weekend just didn't do it for me.

I imagine that must be pretty shocking for the people who've read TTA? over the past couple of years because I usually say it loud and proud how much of a Davis Cup fan I am. We're talking about setting alarm clocks early to catch rubber matches in far-off lands, calling out players who don't commit to playing for their team, the whole nine.

But for some reason, this finals weekend didn't hold as great appeal. Was it the fact that Spain was such an overwhelming favorite, despite its singles players being beat up? Was it the fact that the Czech team had a couple of flakes on it and watching them not step up wasn't going to make for must-see TV? I don't know. I have to acknowledge the David Ferrer-Radek Stepanek match was impressive, but should Ferrer have even been in that position where he had to rally? He's definitely the stronger clay-courter.

And I know Lukas Dlouhy had never played Davis Cup, but why do you hold a French Open doubles champ out of a tie when you have nothing to lose playing on clay?

I'm not going to be one calling for change to the format like everyone else does because it still is my favorite sporting event, and congrats to the Spanish team for going back-to-back with titles. It just wasn't a Davis Cup fave for me this weekend — and I really hope that's just an aberration.

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hcfoo said...

Hi Van... long time no see :D

Personally, DC has never been my favourite sporting event, Moreover, we don't get live coverage here.

If I could change one thing about DC, I would want the final event to be played on a neutral ground. Other than that, I'm happy, as long as the Spanish team wins.

TopSpin said...

Hi Van..

I think you're probably right.

I didn't even watch any DC this year.

Complaints about the format aside, this years final seemed a foregone conclusion.

I don't have too much faith in Berdych, but this is perhaps a little unfair on Stepanek, who's been playing awesome all year.

van said...

Hi HC Foo! Good to "see" you here! I've always believed Davis Cup was fine as it is, but I'm afraid my train of thought might start shifting some to your belief that a neutral ground, at least for the finals, might be best.

And hey, TopSpin, how are you? I guess you're right about Stepanek, he did have a really hot season. But there were some points that he cooled down, too. I wasn't expecting much from him here, even though he is capable of coming up with the goods. I wonder what the deal with Berdych is? Will he ever come through?

Taf said...

Loved how Ferrer came back... I was so caught up in that match, the excitement of all the people, after every single point. It was like a world cup football match. LOVED IT!
But ya, other than that match; a little flat.