Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanks a lot!

You know, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I think a special shout-out should go to the players competing in London this week for the World Tour Finals on behalf of tennis fans everywhere.

The majority of the matches have gone the distance, and even the ones that haven't have had a touch of drama to them (such as Rafael Nadal's opening loss to Robin Soderling).

And how about Juan Martin del Potro squeaking into the semis? But if you beat the number-one player in the world, there has to be a place for you in there somewhere! Tough break for Andy Murray, though, who lost out by one game and actually beat del Potro early on.

Something else to be thankful for while watching the tennis is seeing fans actually in the stands, even for the doubles matches. I don't know why it's become such a rarity to see people in attendance at year-end championships, but I'm glad that hasn't been the case here.

So tennis fans out there, if you observe the day, hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving! And if not, set aside some thanks anyway for what's going on in London!

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Ribbons said...


Anonymous said...

got to applaud this giants efforts.He seems to be giving his all when he is faced by the best player in the world.First he was beaten by Murray who was defeated by Federer and who in turn lost to Delpotro..Hows that for drama huh?

Deb195 said...

Well, I can't say i like this round robin play as much as the regular tourney; being staunch Murray fan, yet I felt for verdasco not getting a win the whole week.
Then Nole and Rafa, wanting to see Novak in finals as in reality, he has been the better player this year to compare to Robin. But kudos to Robin eh? Wow! And then feeling for Rafa; not a single set won so far coming into today. No one would have bet neither Spaniard to win a match this week, not in a million years.
Crazy stuff, keeps me coming back for more indeed.
Hope you all had a good T-day, I enjoyed a Friday of doing nothing myself!;o)