Friday, November 6, 2009

Italian open — and shut?

This weekend's the Fed Cup finals and we all know the story of how WTA Championships winner Serena Williams decided to pull out of the tie. But you know what? I don't think it really would've made a difference because, man, that Italian team is tough!

Francesca Schiavone has been one of the hottest players on tour the past couple of months and Flavia Pennetta has been having a career year. Plus, the tie is being played on a slow red clay court. Plus, plus, it's being played in Italy. Plus, plus, PLUS … naw, I'm just kidding, those are enough factors!

This U.S. team has been amazing this year with youngsters such as Melanie Oudin and Alexa Glatch coming up big in Fed Cup play, and those two are tapped to play the Italian stars this weekend. Of course, I'm going to be pulling for Team USA this weekend because their accomplishments this season had me observing Fed Cup like never before. But what a tough row to hoe they have now. Who knows? But I'm going to have to pick Team Italia to win this one.

(Photo: AP)


Deb195 said...

Plus plus plus plus... NO, say it isn't so but dang, I gotta agree with you VaN, FS and FP have quite a few notches pegged on the tour that MO and AG just haven't been able to get to yet.
Still won't stop me from rooting for Melanie all the way... ya, I'll believe as best I can! ;)

Deb195 said...

Hey Van, you on holiday? I would have thought you'd have something to say about this years Paris. Wow, what a Wednesday... what a Friday and Saturday!
Nole's deconstruction of Rafa was classic... 3 breaks at love! My goodness those 3 set matches with the spaniards previously must have just done him in... looking frail like Nole USED to. WOW... I did pick NOle to win this one at the ATP challenger circuit and I picked him on the Friday, before he took out Rog in Basel. I am liking Nole's chances at being #1 by this time next year. whatcha think?
And Julian playing the match of his life against the world #1 (doing my announcer impersonation). It was an amazing match.
Anyway, hope you're well and will blog for the year end finals.
I'm hoping for a Murray/Nole final! To go the distance ;)
take care,