Friday, October 30, 2009

Oh, Andre ...

I can't believe the news:

Andre Agassi wore a hairpiece in the early 1990s! What a bombshell he dropped in his new book! (I promise I'm not being sarcastic; I really was shocked to hear that.)

And speaking of that autobiography of his, how about the other big news that came out a few days ago? You know, the whole crystal meth thing? All I have to say is I don't know what to say about that.

I guess I do want to say this: Agassi is, without a doubt, my absolute favorite athlete of all time. Tennis has been as close to a dominant force as anything in my life and 'Dre has been there through most of it. From 1989 until the end, I followed his career every step of the way. And if I saw his name in a tournament draw, you can better believe that I expected him to win it and it didn't matter against who: I always thought he would be able to beat Pete Sampras regardless of the surface. It was just a blind faith I had, I guess.

Here's a funny thing, too: When I tried to model my game after pre-Brad Gilbert Agassi, looking back, it definitely hampered my results. I just wanted to hit all-out on the ball. That was way flashier than the play-it-safe (but winning more) Mats Wilander style I tried to emulate. But you know what? I didn't really care as I adopted that Agassi line, "It's all about the journey" for my game and life.

Anyway, I never figured Agassi to be a saint or anything: Everyone has faults. I never would've thought, though, that he would get busted in a drug test and blatantly lie about it. I mean, wow. And the ATP letting it go with a note? Double-wow. A shame, really.

Agassi's done amazing things both on and off the court, and I don't know if this really taints his legacy or not. I wish it wouldn't have been revealed at this point in the season (if at all, really) when players are still out there battling to better their place in the game and this is the hot tennis story going around.

Unless I come up with some other thoughts about it, I'm just going to keep my own disappointed counsel, and not post anything else on the matter.

And that picture? That's from one of the biggest moments in my life, getting to meet Agassi at a trade-show event in Las Vegas after, like I said, nearly following every single step of his career.

Man, this news still really sucks.


Contessa ChiChi said...

Agassi ees not using good judgment in confessing hees indiscretion of some years ago. What was he theenking. Contessa ChiChi ees sad at thees news. For me, thees is too much information. It serves no good purpose (unless he just found God).

Contessa ChiChi said...

Contessa ChiChi forgot to say you ees very handsome man, too.. *blush*

Greg Delaney said...

interestingly, Agassi can rest easy from a legal standpoint; there's not much any legal authority can do now since it's been more than 8 years

Deb195 said...

Ok this hairpiece thing is new to me... omg what a crazy world we live in! Shocked more by that than the drugs... I mean really, how else did he get fat? By stopping the meth... or Brooke broke his heart.. ya right! haha. But seriously, I am more shocked about fake hair than drugs. At least ESPN didn't bottom line that info for 3 days straight...

But, this late in the game, so to speak, I don't really give a toss.

Just glad to see him back out playing, that final with Martin in Surprise was awesome and I'll love him forever *fake hair n all ;)

PS nice photo Van ;o)

Anonymous said...

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Nancy said...

I think people are arrogant to cricticize Agassi's mistakes. there but for the grace of god goes all of us. people make mistakes--who knows where each of us will fall down in some difficult moment. he never knew it would happen to him till it did.

but the crystal meth thing--now that's a whole other story.

hah. just kidding. the drugs and the hair need to be forgiven. yeah, he shouldn't have done those. but at least he didn't take drugs to cheat his way into a win.