Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The bull in China

There's a blockbuster quarterfinal set up on the men's side with Fernando Verdasco set to take on Novak Djokovic. Both have gotten to this point in the draw with not too much difficulty and have been playing solidly all year. I thought there U.S. Open quarterfinal weeks ago was shaping up to be a classic, but it looked like injuries contributed a big part to Fernando's fall in the end.

I know this match doesn't have all the glitz and glamour of a Major showdown, but it's still important, particularly to Verdasco, who's trying to qualify for the year-end championships. That's why I'm going with him to pull off the upset.

And I wouldn't mind seeing him win the whole event, either. Anything that gets him to the Big Dance at the end is fine by me! I really like the improvement he's shown over the past year and a half, and if entertainment value was part of the criteria for making it among the top eight, his semifinal match against Rafael Nadal at the Aussie Open this year should vault him in. To me, that was one of the top three matches of the year. It was great to see a player leave it all on the court like that, and it made me a fan. Here's hoping he keeps it going.

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TopSpin said...

Hi Van

You know, I was thinking about this the other day.

He began the year with an absolute scorcher of a match in Melbourne. Many have been quick to criticise that he didn't manage to sustain that electric form.

But I say he would have had to have been super human to do that. That he's managed to play solidly enough all year to stay in the top ten has to be given some credit.

Like you I'd like to see him in the year end Championships too.

hcfoo said...

To be honest, I somehow feel that Verdasco doesn't have the extra edge to match the other top players. Maybe he can make the cut for ATP WTF, if he's lucky. I would really love to see him in London though.

Kevin Richard said...

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Deb195 said...

Hey Van, had to stay up late last night to watch this match; what a weird one. I do have Nole to go all the way here, it's been a while for him. But I was thinking last night just what you were talking Verdasco is top 8 material. I was watching him and thinking what a long way he's come in just the past few years to no longer be one of the throw away first few round players that (let's face it) most of the ATP consists of. His form and attitude really do exude grade A stuff. Shame he lost but that's the ebb and flow of the tour. I think its been since Serbia Novak has won so it's his turn to flow, as well as Rafa's, so that final may just be a good one. ;o)

van said...

Hey all! Verdasco has come a long way, and I think it's been good to see his hard work pay off. The tournament has had some really good results with guys really stepping up their games.