Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tokyo drifting

"I don't know about the other players, but I feel like I didn't have enough time to recover after the U.S. Open. It's hard to get ready for such a big event like this and I just wish we had more time." — Elena Dementieva, after falling in the second round of this week's Pan Pacific Open.

Dementieva, if you recall, lost in the second round at the Open to Melanie Oudin.

If you've been following the results of this Tier I event featuring nine of the world's top 10 players, then you also know that only two of those players have made it to the third round. What's the story here? Is the whole top 10 in a slump? Has the depth on the tour improved that much?

Now, I'm all for an early-round upset or two, but this has been a little too much. Personally, I don't think that argument by Dementieva holds any weight as the Open ended weeks ago—and especially early for her! A spin can be put on what's happening in Tokyo, but I would assume the WTA powers that be and tournament organizers can't be too happy about this.

There's already all kinds of controversy with the rankings going on (number-one Dinara Safina was also an early Tokyo victim). And I think after what has happened here this week, there will probably be more questions—and deservedly so. Is there really a need for a longer offseason? Should there be fewer events? I guess this is all for the WTA to examine because you can't have your star players going out like that at any tournament, much less a showcase event.

(Photo: AP)


Deb195 said...

hi Van,
I've been keeping track and let me tell you what I think.
#1 Dinara, Not a surprise
#2 Venus, Not a surprise (Pavly is good)
#3 Dementieva, Not a surprise (K Bonda has made major waves this year, on fire practically)
#4 Wozniacki... retired.. hope she's OK
#5 Sveta, Not a huge surprise
#6 Vera, Not a surprise, (Kleyb has been great this year)
#7 JJ, beating Sabine, so far so good
#8 Azarenka, where she should be
#9 Pennetta, BIG SURPRISE, she must be tired from all the wins (now SHE could use Elena's excuse right?)
#10 Ana, SO NOT a surprise, what is a surprise is that she is still in top 20.

And what did surprise me besides the Pennetta loss was Oudin losing to Craybas in the quallies.

Other than that, it's like another day at the office and btw, I picked Maria to win this one ;o)

van said...

Hey Deb, thanks for the breakdown, and so accurate! It looks like Maria is the way to go here.

Deb195 said...

And look who we have in the final ;o)~
Go Maria!!
I LOVE that last night... stayed up late to watch... she pulled out her old serve and was totally in synch (except for her initial DF). I'm really excited to see her get back to top 5 ranking!