Sunday, September 6, 2009

The tall and the short of it

John Isner: Wow! Melanie Oudin: WOW!

Those were some performances by a couple of young Americans out on Arthur Ashe yesterday, huh? I have to tell you, I do have mixed feelings about their wins, seeing as how they both took out a couple of my personal favorites, Andy Roddick and Maria Sharapova, which leaves me kind of down. But as a fan of U.S. tennis, you can't help but be excited about their wins, too!

I mean, Oudin is hands down the real deal and when was the last time that could be said about an American woman player? When Serena Williams had her first wins over top players back in 1998? Oudin's draw is so wide open now, it's ridiculous. I don't know if she can keep it going, but it sure is fun to watch!

As for Isner and his prospects here, I like how he's saying in no way is he satisfied, and is looking forward to the prospects of doing some more damage. If he can hold his nerve like he did yesterday in a fifth-set tiebreak against a top-five veteran, who knows what could happen? His next match against Fernando Verdasco will be a tough one, but he's got a really good shot against the Spaniard.

Anyway, week two at the Open is kicking off, and who would've thunk Isner and Oudin would still be standing tall (and short!)?

(Photo: Oudin, Getty Images; Isner, AP)


Lisa said...

Congratulations to Melanie, I can't believe she won.

Isa Lube said...

I love the shoes and her tennis games as well