Monday, September 21, 2009

OK, Venus, I think I'm ready to move on

First, I'd like to apologize for not posting something about the whole Serena Williams foot-fault debacle, which only happened eons ago, any sooner.

Truth be told, my mind was quite blown by the whole situation, and it's taken me a while to get it back. But, like Venus Williams told Patrick McEnroe when he asked Serena three times for an apology, "It's time to move on." So, I'm going to, but here's a few thoughts of mine on the matter. I'll keep them brief.:

• We all know it wasn't a foot fault.

• If a foot fault was called, though, it's best to move on rather than blow up, but I don't think you can blame Serena for losing her cool. It was a tense situation, but she's enough of a champion to know that you have to put that behind you and focus. You come at a judge like that, you're going to be penalized, which is the right thing.

• Personally, I don't even think you call foot faults at that point in a match if you haven't been calling them already. I know that rules are rules, but I prefer to follow the "let the players play" creed that basketball uses in the final minute and a half or so of games.

• I really, really had a problem with Patrick McEnroe at the doubles trophy presentation. She said what she had to say. Who is he to badger someone like that? He's not a journalist because if he was, he wouldn't even be at the U.S. Open calling matches seeing as how he works for the USTA and all; it's a conflict of interest.

• I had a problem with ESPN's phone interview with P-Mac the next day and how they showed a clip of him asking Serena for the apology, but they only showed him asking the final time before Venus answered. Then he said there's no comparison between Serena and Roger Federer's cursing because he's "all-class" or a "class act" or something to that effect. If Serena has no class, then what would he say about his brother?

That's it. Venus, I'm moving on!

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Anonymous said...

van my picks came up short. but they were both right to be mad. they were both being out played and were both going to lose but serena got screw again rember the jenifer caparit match that when hawk eye beame sp prevalent. and do not call a foot fault at that point it was sobad it felt rigged. It felt social it felt real dirty not as bad as the match with J.C. As far as the fed he was right you cant challange a call 15 seconds after play hell they were at the change over.

But Damn I am a white dude and Serena got a real bad deal two times in her country slam. Real shame.