Friday, September 4, 2009

New York stories

So, this has been some first week so far at the Open, huh? Among all the different storylines and results, to me there are a few that just really stood out. And me being the sharing type, I'll let you in on them!

• Agony in defeat: Man, my heart really goes out to the Serbian sledgehammers, Jelena Jankovic and Ana Ivanovic. Jankovic played today's match with a heavy heart as her grandmother just died last night. Talk about rough circumstances to compete in! But I don't want to take away from Yaroslava Shvedova, who was playing high-quality tennis. Still, Jankovic had multiple chances to possibly win but didn't come through. Tough loss.

Then there's Ivanovic: I don't know what's going on there. I do know it's a sad sight to see. During her match, I was flipping back and forth to "Andre Agassi: Between the Lines" on The Tennis Channel. After her loss, I thought of what I had just watched in the show, the legendary story of Agassi going back and playing those Challengers at the end of 1997 to gain confidence. I'm not saying she should hit the ITF circuit, but there has to be some smaller tournaments she could play in and work on her game.

• Could he care any less?: Marat Safin, playing the last Major of his career, lost in the first round to Jurgen Melzer. Now, I actually gave up on Safin last year just because of his disregard for the game and his place in it. And in a way, I think he disses his fans by not putting forth more of an effort. Would it have killed him to maybe stick around the court for a second or two to soak in the applause the New York fans gave him? And I know this may sound harsh, but I hope he just decides to go ahead and call it a day. What's the fun in watching a supreme talent lose to journeymen? He doesn't care, so why should I?

• Sweet 17: What can you say about Melanie Oudin that hasn't been already? Wow! To knock off Elena Dementieva like she did was impressive. I can't remember the last time a young American came out with these types of results she's had the past few months.

Like I said, there's been tons of other things going on, these just caught my eye the most. I'm sure there'll be plenty more tales in the days ahead!

(Photo: AP)


Shelia said...

You could pretty much tell that Safin wasn't going to step way out to get the wins last year I agree, but I'm still loving to get these last glimpses of him on court. Very unique personality, I'll miss him.

Anonymous said...

As far as I'm concerned, Marat doesn't owe me (or any of his other fans) anything, and I certainly don't feel "dissed". He IS calling it a day at the end of this year, or haven't you been listening? I will miss Safin, but the years since his knee injury have been a grind for him and I don't blame him for retiring.

van said...

• Hey Shelia! How are you? I know he's an enigmatic character and has a great game, but so was Goran Ivanisevic and look how he went about his last couple of years on tour when he knew the end was near. That resulted in a Wimbledon title! Safin was on TV a lot this year and every time I saw him, it just looked like he really hated being out there. I think that's just hard to watch. There's nothing wrong with packing it in early if you just really don't care anymore.

• Hey Anonymous, thanks for commenting! I guess I made most of my points in the prior comment, but I'll reiterate: There's no need to play out the year, just pack it up now!

Anonymous said...

JJ's grandmother died the night before the match. Her mother had already left that night too.