Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mother's day

If you would've asked me two weeks ago if I thought Kim Clijsters would end up a two-time U.S. Open champion, I would have said that's as likely as a foot fault being called on a player deep in a second set and that player losing the match after being docked a point for verbally abusing an official. I mean, it just couldn't happen, right?

Oh, wait: that did happen! So I guess it's within the realm of possibility that Clijsters could win after all!

Not to sound like I'm spouting too much hyperbole, but this, in my opinion, is one of the most impressive tennis feats I've seen in my lifetime. I'm very, very happy for Clijsters and I wish her further success in her comeback! (And if you've read this, then you should know that wasn't the easiest thing for me to write, but I'm more than coming around!)

(Photo: Getty Images)


Naf said...

Well, well, well. Look who's seeing the light! I think it's more shocking that she's able to beat players who never skipped a beat after she stopped to have a baby! But very good for Kim and for Mel Oudin. If it weren't for Serena, this would have been the feel-good Slam of the year. In, of all places, New York! said...

Kim Clijsters is great for the game. Not only her personal story. She is very solid and did not have the serving problems that many of the women have. It was so nice to see a player that seemed more like all of us then the ego centric Williams sisters. Great job Kim.