Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mission Kim-Possible?

What do you think, folks? Can she do it?

Kim Clijsters is in the quarterfinals at the Open after her three-set win over Venus Williams today. Next up for her is Na Li, which is as good a bet as one could make for her to possibly come through. That puts her in the semifinals, and the way this tournament has gone, if you make it that far, anything's possible as far as winning goes!

There's all kinds of documentation out there on the Googles detailing my concerns about Clijsters' comeback, mainly talking about how I thought she should just stay away from the game if the family life is what she wanted. But now I'll say that if she were to win, I wouldn't be mad at her!

(Photo: Getty Images)


Anonymous said...

van use to coach a little girl who beat Oudin in the girls 12s and 14s
it crazy to watch her play this well.


Reem said...

What do you think Van? Does Kim stand a chance against Serena?!?!

Jay said...

Clijsters is one of the strongest female players in this tournament. She has every chance to make it to the final (and win!).

van said...

Brian, that's pretty wild! Do you think Oudin is a top tenner?

Sorry I'm just now answering you, Reem and Jay, but I guess she could pull it off!