Monday, September 21, 2009

Belgian waffling?

I FINALLY got to use that!!!

I'm a little confused on my New York to Europe time differential, but we're supposed to be mere hours away from Justine Henin announcing her comeback to the WTA tour.

I got the scoop from reading the Twitter updates of GoToTennis, HCFoo's Tennis Blog and On the Baseline. And Down the Line! has a couple of late-breaking updates.

Now that I've done the promotional thing for some of my favorite blogs and Web sites, I'd like to direct you to an old TTA? post that saw this coming. And where the "Belgian waffling?" phrase was first coined! Just click here.

And welcome back, Justine!

(Photo: Getty Images)


freakyfrites said...

Hi Van! I was about to write to you and say " stole your headline!" But I see that you caught that already.

TTA, trendsetter!

hcfoo said...

LOL! Van, thanks for promoting my blog.

I hope the media Belgian media reports are accurate. It would be awesome to see Justine back in tournaments again along with Kimmie. WTA tennis will never be the same again.

van said...

Hey, you two! I think this week is definitely an indicator that things are ripe for a shakeup on tour.