Monday, August 17, 2009

Getting off Scot free?

OK, so I've been pretty vocal about the women's rankings situation over the past few months with players who have never won a Major taking over the top spot. But while I've had some complaints about that, I've also recognized that the system awards the players who are posting the most consistent results as they are out there competing more. This has been one of the most dominant issues in the women's game lately. And it looks like the ATP is heading for a similar debate, too.

As we all know, Andy Murray broke the vice grip Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal have had on the top two spots last week by getting deep and eventually winning the Montreal tournament. Murray has been constantly racking up ATP 1000 titles like it's nobody's business. That's all fine and dandy as those are some of the biggest events on tour. But what about the true big daddies, the Slams? Not a Major has been won by Murray yet.

I know Nadal missed defending a lot of points this year, but shouldn't he have been far enough ahead still in the standings where he shouldn't have been overtaken at this time? After all, he did win a Slam this year, as well as some ATP 1000 titles.

This flipflop in the standings between Nadal and Murray kind of takes me back a little to 1993. Jim Courier won the Australian, then made the finals of the French and Wimbledon, plus won a couple of Super 9 titles (as they were called back then). Despite that, though, he finished at number three behind Pete Sampras and Michael Stich, who won six tournaments but didn't do anything of note Slam-wise that year.

I don't want it to sound like I'm belittling Murray's accomplishment because he has been very impressive. I just figured if there's going to be debate about the women's rankings (even if it's within myself), then this situation deserves it, too. And if the Majors are where success is most defined, it should be reflected even more in the standings.

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Anonymous said...

hey dude the slams need to weigh more. atp and wta both need to adjust slams are under rated in rankings.