Sunday, July 5, 2009

An Ode to Wimbledon

That was some tournament, huh? (in what can be classified as the understatement of the year!) Epic matches, history being made, amazing performances, just inspiring.

It's so inspiring, in fact, I decided to write a little poem about it that I like to call "An Ode to Wimbledon." And it goes a little something like this:

Congratulations, Roger
On making more history.
How you got that break in the end
To some, is a mystery!

But break you did,
In quite stunning fashion.
To fulfill your life's goal,
with such heart and passion!

Congratulations, Serena,
On returning to Wimbledon glory.
But will you get the top spot again?
I guess that's a different story!

I mean, come on WTA!
Get with the program!
Shouldn't she be rewarded
For winning Slam after Slam after Slam?

Congratulations, Andy.
For making quite the run.
And showing the world out there
That you're far from done.

Congratulations, Venus.
Even though you fell short at the end.
But if you had to lose,
At least it was to your sis and best friend!

Congrats to the old guys.
You know, Haas, Ferrero and Hewitt.
Who, like Andy Roddick,
Showed they can still do it.

Congratulations, Elena
For putting up quite the fight.
With your semifinal match
Indicative of the fortnight!

Congratulations, Andy Murray
For handling the pressure well.
A Major's in your future, for sure.
That's not so hard to tell!

Congratulations, doubles winners.
For pulling off a great feat.
There's not much better in sport,
Than pulling off a repeat!

There were many other great examples.
So I'm sorry if In this poem I missed one.
I'm just glad I got to witness,
This year's Wimbledon!

(Photos: Getty Images)


Anonymous said...

wow. this poem leaves me speechless. you, my friend, are a true poet.

freakyfrites said...

And thank you Van, for always believing/That Andy Roddick, your man, should still be achieving! Good call :)

hcfoo said...

Hi Van, I didn't know you're a poet too ;) I have to admit that this is quite a spectacular year... just that I'm a bit sad that Rafa is not around to add sparkle to the tournament.

Reem said...

Awesome piece Van... Just got the chance to read it. Am so happy for Roddick, Hewitt, Haas and Ferrero... It kinda made up a little bit for Rafa's absense.

van said...

Hi everyone! Thanks for the poem comments, and it was a great tournament to enjoy as a fan!