Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Representing the Andy Roddick Complaint Department

I don't know if Andy Roddick's people are making a complaint about this or not, but if not, I got their back!

Why won't the seeding committee at Wimbledon make him the fourth seed? I wrote about this last year after he was behind Nikolay Davydenko and David Ferrer, who had meager, at best, grass-court credentials between them. This year, my contention is that he's behind Novak Djokovic and Juan Martin del Potro in the just-released-today seedings at the six spot.

Djokovic does have a Wimbledon semi on his resume, but del Potro has nothing near that with only two second-round trips to show for his time playing over the past couple of years. Roddick, on the other hand, is a two-time runner-up and a four-time Queen's Club champion. The committee's always made a big deal over past performances and grass-court ability: Why does Roddick get snubbed?

If you were to really look at the credentials being weighed on the placement, then you could make the argument that he should be above Andy Murray as well. But I guess that would be taking it too far!

My major beef with the whole thing is that grass is such a specialized surface and there are only a handful of players that do well on it, such as Roddick. What if he's now drawn to play one of the top three in the quarters? Doesn't that hurt a tournament to have what could be a potential final early on?

But I know that the mind-set Roddick has to take is that it doesn't matter where he was put in the draw, it's still up to him to get it done. I just wish that if the rules were to recognize past success, then the committee would stand by the tradition it's created. If Maria Sharapova was moved up thirty-something spots, couldn't Roddick gone up two?

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freakyfrites said...

Hi Van! I think you're probably right about Roddick. Besides Roger and Rafa he's proven himself on grass. I'm still mad that he rolled that ankle and didn't have a chance to play Murray at Queen's. Then you might have even more ammunition!

Wondering about the seeding process, though - as I understand it, the women's seeding is done by committee, meaning that committee members have more leeway to do what they feel is correct. The ATP seedings are done by some specific formula that relates to grass court success and current ranking, etc.. Perhaps Andy's freak 2nd round loss last year effected that? I had a link on the Wimby page explaining the seeding process, but I can't find it now. . .

I really hope Andy can make some noise this year! He's too good and too dedicated a player to "just" have one slam! And Wimby would mean everything to him.

Vaclav said...

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van said...

Hey FF! Yeah, I'd like to see him do some damage here, but I think your guy's coming home with a 6th title for sure. Seedings be damned!