Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Playing favorites

To think, Wimbledon's only a matter of days away! Especially after a pretty eventful French Open ending week before last. But I guess that's the schedule for you!

But before that gets going and all, I just wanted to take a look back at last week's Queens Club event won by Andy Murray, who became the first Brit to win that tournament in 70-or-so years. It's a very impressive result—especially the way he did it without dropping a set—and he's landed atop many a favorites list going into the big W. I think he will win the tournament, but I just can't see it this year.

Rather, I'm going with the big dawg, Mr. French '09 himself, Roger Federer. I know the draw isn't even out yet, but as questionable as I was about Fed's Slam prospects earlier this year, I've reversed course and feel as strongly as I did, but contradictory to that. That make sense? I think I lost myself on that one!

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that I really don't see Federer losing many Major matches the rest of the year. Actually, I don't see him losing many more regular tour matches, either. I'm assuming that he must just be so relaxed now, because in his mind, I imagine, he can't see much more he has to do on a tennis court. I know Murray's been beating Fed a lot lately, but going into such an intense situation could have an adverse affect on him as well.

The fans could be in a treat with a relaxed Federer going about things!


TopSpin said...

Hi Van!

I'm with you on Murrays chances this year.

He's definitely one of the contender's and may even edge past a sub par Nadal, but I can't see him getting past Federer just yet.

As to Roger himself, it's true that the pressures off with winning the French, however it's also true that Roger isn't the player he was 3 years ago.

Having said that, Wimby and the US Open may be his best chance yet of pulling another 3 Slam year, with Nadal's knee being the way it is and Djoko seemingly in a mini funk once again.

Deb195 said...

Hey Van, I can totally see your viewpoint. Only a month ago or so, Rog was struggling to even get through a match it seemed, and now, he's relaxed and HE's BAAACCCKK! I'm excited, I was rooting for him to win RG. The only thing I fear is that Mirka may be having baby issues around the US Open and I know he'll want to defend there, esp. to make sure Rafa has the competition if he's going to win his career GS too.
I do hope Rafa's knee is going to hold up as I feel a win over Rafa here in the final will be what all Rog fans want.
As far as my wants, I'd love to see Murray win it. Brit here stuck in So Cal and have been a big Murray fan since I first saw him. It'd been 71 years since a Brit won at Queens and I do like his chances at Wimbledon this year if only because he'll have the confidence coming off a relatively easy win and the British crowd behind him (mostly). I wonder if they will rename 'Henman Hill' to 'Murray Mound' this year... ;)

van said...

Hi TopSpin and Deb! The event's under way and I'm pretty excited about it; mainly to see how Roger and Andy M. make out. If those two make it to the final, the winner will have definitely earned a place in the history books!