Saturday, June 6, 2009

I'd like to thank the fans for their support

I'm speaking those words on my behalf, even though I'm sure Roger Federer feels the same after that epic match against Juan Martin del Potro. And I'm not referring to the readers of TTA?, at least not this time. (But don't think I'm not grateful to you: I am, each and every day!)

No, who I'm referring to now are the fans of the sport, particularly my fellow tennis bloggers and Twitterers out there, and especially Freakyfrite's GoToTennis blog after yesterday's events.

If you didn't stop by there, FF was hosting a live chat on her blog and embedded a stream of the Fed-JMDP match, which basically saved the day for me because of the broadcasting fiasco between everybody that's been providing coverage of the sport in the U.S. the past two weeks. Here's what I was thinking was going to happen yesterday when I saw that NBC had first broadcast rights of the day:

They would cut in on the Robin Soderling-Fernando Gonzalez match, then when that was over, go to the beginning of the second semi. Then, ESPN2 or The Tennis Channel would've picked up the conclusion of it. Would that really have been so hard to do. Instead we got a condensed Soderling-Gonzo match and had to wait for Fed-JMDP on tape delay! Ridiculous and horrible all around.

Luckily, I thought if anyone was going to make sure others are watching her guy, it's Freakyfrites! I went there and was able to catch the match. I know it was streaming elsewhere, but here's the thing, too: I was so discouraged, I didn't feel up to going through the trouble of searching for it. I'm glad I didn't have to!

But it's efforts from fans like FF that keep the game going. I've given shout-outs to my fellow bloggers before and if you come by here, check out the ones on the links on the left as they're all doing great work. And not just those as there are tons more out there.

I hope I don't sound too cornball, but I'm glad to be in their company!

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freakyfrites said...

Oh thanks somuch for the kind words, van! It's fantastic to be in your company, too - someone who know and loves the game.

I had the same theory about the telecast and was absolutely flummoxed when I realized I wasn't getting live coverage. Thank goodness for the Internet - what would we tennis fans do without it?

Everyone says live streaming is the future of tennis but I hope it isn't the only way tennis is broadcast in the future. My non-tennis fanatic friends always tune in when the major networks show tennis and it's important that NBC and others figure out a way to treat our sport with respect!
I just hope they don't mess up tomorrow's final...

sarda said...

Roger Federer is standing on the brink of creating history as another win will ensure the Swiss maestro's legendary status in the tennis fraternity. Federer has been in phenomenal form from the past one month, pocketing the 15th Masters series trophy with a win over Nadal in Madrid and then coming through some gruelling matches against Tommy Haas and ofcourse the thriller against Juan Martin Del Potro in the semifinals of French Openthriller against Juan Martin Del Potro in the semifinals of French Open. With stakes backed by such strong wins, Federer will attempt to get past one last hurdle, Robin Soderling.

The talented man from Sweden proved to the world that his win over Rafael Nadal in the fourth round was not a flash in the pan. Infact, his come from behind victory over Fernando Gonzalez in the semifinals only gets him the spot in the 'A' league.

Check out Live Commentary of what will happen in this nail-biting final where both men will get into the ultimate slugfest to prove their mettle on the red clay of Roland Garros.