Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A special public service announcement: All TTA?, all the time

I've made mention before of how I like to check out Yahoo's tennis page for the latest scores and headlines. Today, I was looking at it and saw this headline, "US men in longest Grand Slam drought since ’60s." Very interesting story, and I recommend checking it out.

The funny thing about this story, though, is that I thought of the same subject last week! And didn't post anything about it! I even went through the lists of all the titlists for each of the four Slams to corroborate this: Just to satisfy my own tennis-statistic-obsessed curiosity. (And I'll have to go back and double-check, but I thought I figured it out as to where this was the longest drought in history. I'll get back to you!)

Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is that when I think of something like the above story, I'm putting it down either here or on the Tennis Talk, Anyone? Twitter page. I'm launching an all-out blitz of tennisness! You'll be seeing more TTA? here, there and everywhere. I'm always thinking about tennis—past, present and future—so why not share and discuss it even more with like-minded individuals? And if you see a post lingering for days like the one before this one has, then feel free to comment and say, "Get off your butt, Van!"

After all, I live to serve!

1 comment:

freakyfrites said...

Whoo hoo! Looking forward to more of your insights, Van.

I think you're right about the longest title drought - I saw a graphic (was it the Yahoo article or maybe something at the Globe and Mail?) confirming your suspicion.