Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Djoke's on me

In case you missed it, over on VANtage Point at Down the Line! this week, I made what I thought was a pretty bold call (or crazy, take your pick!): Novak Djokovic would fall in the third round to Andreas Seppi.

I made that call not knocking Djokovic's ability or thinking Seppi is some kind of future breakout player, but just going by the fact that Nole's awesome run the past couple of months had to end at some point.

It's been overshadowed by what Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray have been doing (and what Roger Federer hasn't been doing), but just look at the results: three Masters Series finals in a row, plus a tournament win. And I totally agree that he has every right to be disappointed with the rankings system because what he's done should've at least been enough to hold on to the three spot. (Check this out at GoToTennis for some thoughts from three of the big four about the deal.)

Rankings aside, though, I wonder what Djokovic will have left in the tank come French time? He's played a lot of matches over the past few weeks. I hope it doesn't come back to bite him because to me, the way he's playing shows that he's the second-best clay courter out there right now. If he's on the opposite side of the draw from Nadal, those two could possibly play a real interesting final at the big one.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, he's on a good run and I hope it'll continue in Paris.
Plus, he's playing doubles in Rome, which is maybe a sign of improvement in his physical condition. I mean, he's not too tired to do it...

van said...

Hey Anonymous. He definitely is playing a lot of ball and going deep in draws. I hope he's ready to play three out of five come French Open time!

hcfoo said...

Hi Van, after losing last night's semifinal match to Rafa, I'm not sure if it's going to help build his confidence for the French Open or a huge blow to his ego.

That was so close and yet luck wasn't on his side.

Perhaps the 'neutral' ground at Roland Garros will be a perfect place for Nole to prove something.