Thursday, May 28, 2009

'American gladiators' my *ss!

This will be real quick, I promise!

We all know how a lot of American guys fell in the first round at the French Open, right? Well, there was a story online yesterday that really got under my skin, particularly a couple of quotes in said piece:

"For the Americans, a lot of times, this isn't our main goal of the year. Ours is generally Wimbledon and the U.S. Open. I think if we were to try to prepare completely for the French Open, we would be giving away some of our advantage at the Wimbledon and the U.S. Open. That's where we excel. We'd rather, I think, prepare best for what our strengths are." — James Blake


"We're trying as hard as we can. Once these two weeks are over, the clay talk is over, and we'll be looking to my most fun part of the year: Wimbledon, grass courts. That's where we play our best." — Mardy Fish

Really? "Our strengths"? "That's where we play our best"? Not even getting to the fourth round at Wimbledon and only three quarterfinal runs between the two of them at the U.S. Open? Ummm, that's not really excelling. The only U.S. players that can make those statements are Andy Roddick and Bob and Mike Bryan—and no one else.

The decent clay-court runs this season by Blake and Fish this year that I recently noted are absolutely negated by those first-round flameouts. And I think shaking off this loss with those choice of words indicates a total lack of awareness about where they really stand in the game. But the bad thing is they could do better. You just have to wonder where there heads are at when they can't get up for a Slam, even with it being on their worst surface.

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Shelia said...

"Once these two weeks are over, the clay talk is over."This is my favorite quote from that piece, as if the "clay talk" is all hype and not real, lol.

Out of one side of their mouths they attempt to lessen the value of clay court play to the Americans, then they turn around to hype Andy Roddick's play.

Blake and Fish should just go on a little vacay and leave it alone - they flunked.

Vava said...

Honestly, professional athletes should almost NEVER speak their minds because their strengths lie in their athletic abilities and NOT their intellectual faculties. One would hope for a little more intelligence from tennis players though since they have to think for themselves when playing, unlike athletes in other sports. But at the media podium - please. Shut up and play! I can totally understand why you are not pleased with these post-game "commments".

Anonymous said...

why don't we have any polls, Van? you know everyone loves a poll!

freakyfrites said...

Yep, these two best buddies have obviously spent some time bitching about the clay court season over a brewskie or two. They've obviously created this delusional excuse to make them feel better.

If Andy got into the second week, Fish and Blake should be able to, too.

van said...

Hey everyone. These comments were pretty crazy and kind of sad to hear in a way. Like you say Freakyfrites, if A-Rod can do it, they should be able to also.